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Spirit of cooperation
By Eugene Martin Sr.


May 02, 2006

My name is Eugene Martin Sr. I currently am the Director of Animal Protection in Ketchikan. I recently read the letter posted by Mr. Eric Muench and I would like to clarify. I don't know Mr. Blackwell very well, I can't say what he did or didn't do.

I recall placing three horses into protective custody, aided by Mr. John Allen. Mr. Allen suffered a stroke and asked Mr. Blackwell to assist him in their care. After the horses were placed into protective custody, and Mr. Allen was hospitalized, complaints were made as to the condition they were being kept in.

The complaints consisted of the horses standing in mud, and having inadequate shelter. Since the Department of Animal Protection was not set up for the boarding of large animals, we did what we could, as best we could, making improvements along the way.

What I remember most about that situation was Animal Protection Department Field Officer Terry Richardson's involvement. As I recall it was Mr. Richardson who put the diet plan together for those animals, and it Mr. Richardson and myself who spent nights and weekends caring for those animals.

Initially, it was the Department of Animal Protection who contacted the Second Chance Horse Rescue organization to find a home for those animals. I remember that Mr. Muench asked me where we were going to send the horses, and I gave him the rescue organization's name and contact number.

If I sound upset in the telling of this, it's because I am. Had it not been for certain individuals, the Department of Animal Protection would have had those horses in Washington months before we actually did.

As I recall the Second Chance Horse Rescue organization was going to fly to Ketchikan and take custody of those horses, but because of controversy caused by certain individuals, Second Chance refused to come to Ketchikan. On the day I was notified by Second Chance that they would not be coming, Officer Terry Richardson and myself immediately boarded a ferry and took the horses to Sedro Wolley, Washington personally, therefore insuring that the horses were properly cared for.

Mr. Blackwell does deserve credit for his contribution, but if Mr. Muench is going to tell the story, he should tell it correctly. We did our jobs.

We appreciate all the help and support received from the community during this trying time.

As I retire from the Animal Protection Department, I have to say that I am proud of the job I did. I am proud of the people I worked along side of, and I am especially proud of the strides and gains this office has made.

People like Bonney Anderson, Terry Richardson, Catherine Sis, and Rusty Williams, those great volunteers, Jamie May, Samantha Turley, Ashley Cota Kimberly Flora and Jessica Bernard have made it a joy.

What I hope for this Department is that the spirit of cooperation finds its way to it in the future. That the public work with the Department, and God forbid another animal crisis of this type occurs. But if it does, we can work together as a department and as a community for a better, more expedient out come.

Eugene Martin Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Director of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Department of Animal Protection, in defense of the Department of Animal Protection


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