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RE: A Warning to Alaskans
By Samuel Bergeron


May 01, 2006

Future Oil lobbyist and current big oil sycophant, Vic Kohring, is exactly what is wrong with the legislature today. They've been brainwashed, A.K.A. Lobbied by the big wig oil lobbyists to defend the interests of huge multinational oil companies, not the people they represent.

These giant companies are very close to pulling off the biggest legal heist in US history. They want you and me to believe that by us signing away our interest in our oil and gas for far less than what it's worth, this meets the best interest test for the good people of Alaska; it doesn't. They want the Governor and Legislature to circumvent due process and sunshine laws; I don't. I want a full and detailed explanation of what oil and gas is taxed at world-wide and a full and detailed explanation of how this deal in its entirety is a good deal for all Alaskans, not just the servile flatterers and future and current (Ben Stevens) big oil lobbyists that now serve as our elected representatives.

Leadership is about a vision for the future. It's not about fancy ads produced by the oil lobby so we can merrily sign our future away for , or less, than what it's worth. It's about a combined vision shared by informed Alaskans who have access to the information needed to make a decision based on facts, not political hyperbole. You and I don't make business decisions based on feel good ads in our personal lives. Why should we leave out all the relevant issues to make this business decision? Why is Frank Murkowski and the majority trying to push this tax proposal thru without the benefit of informing the public of all the details? (The short answer must be because a full public disclosure wouldn't pass public muster.) Leadership is also about trust. Does the closed process the Governor and Legislature have engaged cause you to trust or doubt their motives and mission? I can only express extreme doubt and frustration in the unwillingness of our political leaders to inform all Alaskans to the whole picture of this deal and how it meets the best interest test for the owners of this precious recourse.

Ultimately, this decision should be ratified by all the voters of Alaska. The legislature should not take it upon itself to make decisions of this magnitude. The final say should be with you and me.

I'm S.B. and I say no to BP as far as this deal goes.

Sam Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Samuel Bergeron is a local business man and a life long Alaskan. Sam is a General Construction contractor (Bergeron Construction) and majority owner in True North Development Company LLC and is busy raising a family.

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