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Chamber Presents 2005 Youth Recognition Awards
By Dick Kauffman


May 27, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce presented its annual youth recognition awards to three Ketchikan youth Wednesday. Speaking on behalf of the Chamber, Carol Schafer Co-chair of the Chamber's Workforce Development and Education Committee presented the awards to Bryce Timm, Marika Garner and Kenny Pearson.

jpg Carol Schafer

Carol Schafer Co-chair of the Chamber's Workforce Development and Education Committee

jpg Bryce Timm

Bryce Timm

jpg Marika Garner

Marika Garner

jpg Kenny Pearson

Kenny Pearson

Shafer said, "Our first recipient was distinguished by two members of the community. Both Daniel Greer and Gretchen Klein nominated Mr. Bryce Timm." Shafer said Greer and Klein both described Timm as "that rare teenager who finds kind words to describe their peers and is always polite and respectful of his elders."

Timm plays football and wrestles in school. He is active in his church where he teaches a Youth Sunday School class and helps out with music. Timm is also active in the Ketchikan Youth Court and has helped with such community projects as the Lions Club Bus Shelters, wood hauling, the Halloween Party, Easter Hunt, Safe Haven, the Dana Barr fund raiser, Fraternal Order of the Eagles' dinner and statewide Youth Court Conferences. In addition to balancing academics, work, church, cultural events, youth court cases and sports. Bryce Timm maintains a strong tie to his extended family. Shafer said, "Diversified, kind, professional, and committed come to Ms. Klein's mind when she thinks of Bryce. He can be really silly at times, but he is a good kid."

As she presented the award to Timm Shafer said, "The Workforce Development and Education Committee was impressed by Bryce Timm's focus, leadership and integrity and we congratulate him as a recipient of a 2005 Youth Recognition Award."

Timm thanked the Chamber after accepting the award.

Marika Garner the second recipient of a youth recognition award was nominated by Mark O'Brien Shafer said, "Garner is a 5th grade student who has already learned to balance academics with extra-curricular activities. Not only does she succeed in the easy academics, but pushes herself in her most challenging subject, namely Math, to do her best. She is able to work through difficult concepts with energy and a positive attitude."

On the nomination form O'Brien stated, "She is such an outstanding student that she has been invited to attend the People to People World Leadership Forum in Washington, DC. Marika demonstrated her creativity, leadership and compassion this winter. When she learned that this year's Battle of the Books team didn't have team t-shirts she designed and made each member a Houghtaling shirt. Each team member proudly wore Marika's shirt on the Kayhi stage."

Outside of school Garner loves the stage and has participated with First City Players, Ketchikan Theatre Ballet. She plays both indoor and outdoor soccer. Shafer said often Mr. O'Brien sees her scampering down the hall with a full backpack, shin guards, and clarinet in hand and wonders to himself, "How do kids (and parents) find time to do so much?"

Shafer said when presenting the award to Garner, "The Workforce Development and Education Committee is impressed by Marika Garner's character, energy, and leadership and we congratulate her as a recipient of a 2005 Youth Recognition Award."

Garner was present for the ceremony and accepted the award from Shafer.

Shafer said, "Our last recipient was also nominated twice! Both Marna Cessnun and Tracy Arce were so impressed by Kenny Pearson that they were compelled to write nomination letters." Shafer said Pearson was simply described as unequivocally being one of the finest young men of Ms. Cessnun's acquaintance. Ms. Arce said he "possesses the integrity and dedication to create successful programs, business goals and objectives and had a long-term educational commitment."

Pearson, a Kayhi Sophomore, is a key member of Youth Court and has served as the Treasurer for United Youth Courts of Alaska. Within Youth Court, Pearson is "helpful and skilled at organizing projects, encouraging members, and promoting peer accountability." He is also a student athlete playing on the football, baseball, volleyball, and basketball teams. Last year he traveled to Australia as part of an All-Star Baseball Team.

Aside from sports and Youth Court, Pearson is a Big Brother through Ketchikan's Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program and an active member in his own family.

In presenting the award to Pearson, Shafer said, "The Workforce Development and Education Committee was impressed by Kenny Pearson's motivation, leadership and character and we congratulate him as a recipient of a 2005 Youth Recognition Award."

After accepting the award, Pearson thanked the group organizers for supporting him and he thanked his mother for driving him everywhere and for her support.




Photos by Dick Kauffman.

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