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Governor Expands Special Session Call
University lands, virology lab added


May 11, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski today added to his special session call four issues still pending when the Legislature adjourned late Tuesday.

The amended special session proclamation will include a bill to add to the University of Alaska system up to 250,000 acres of land to fulfill its status as a land grant institution. Also included are bills on insurance regulation, an election reform bill and funding for a new virology lab in Fairbanks.

Governor Murkowski originally called the Legislature into special session, which began today, to resolve problems with the state's pension systems and escalating workers' compensation costs.

"We have simply got to do something about the $5.7 billion future liability within our PERS and TRS systems this year," Murkowski said. "Nor can we wait another year to curb the escalating costs to our workers' compensation program that is unnecessarily costing us jobs,"

The special session proclamation now includes:

  • Senate Bill 141 - teachers' and public employees' retirement systems
  • SB130 - workers' compensation
  • House Bill 1 - base student allocation for state funding formula
  • HB 130 - University Lands.
  • HB147/ SB108 - Insurance Regulation
  • SB73 - State Virology Laboratory
  • HB94 - Elections Bill
  • SB46 - Capital Appropriations
  • SB97 - Supplemental, Capital, and Other Appropriations.
  • HB66 - Appropriations for Operating and Capital Expenses, Mental Health System
  • HB67 - Appropriations for Operating and Loan Program

"Already this Legislature has accomplished much in the way of providing meaningful legislation for Alaskans with its votes on SeniorCare, permitting reforms, exploration credits and other issues," Murkowski said. "I have every reason to believe this special session will be as productive,"


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