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BOF Enacts Changes to the Chignik Cooperative Fishery for the 2005 Season


May 06, 2005

The Alaska Board of Fisheries held an emergency teleconference on Wednesday, May 4, 2005 to respond to a recent Alaska Supreme Court ruling that required changes to the Chignik cooperative purse seine salmon fishery to meet the intent of the Limited Entry Act. 

During the teleconference, the Board took a number of actions that will bring the cooperative into compliance with the ruling, and allow the fishery to continue for the 2005 season.  In response to the ruling, which stated that the intent of the Limited Entry Act is to have permit holders actively participate in the fishery for which a permit is held, the Board reauthorized the cooperative, with a provision specifying that members must actively participate to receive any economic benefit. 

The Board also defined active participation as making at least ten deliveries in 2005 under the permit holder's Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission permit.  The Board will not allow split deliveries to be made, and specifically stated that it will not require that every boat registered for the Chignik fishery be used in the cooperative fishery.

The Board's emergency regulations will be in effect for the 2005 season.  The Board expects to review the Chignik cooperative fishery again this fall.  An updated meeting schedule will be announced in June 2005.


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