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Pancakes & Music Fundraiser Extravaganza Declared A Success!


May 05, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - "Ketchikan Senior Center is blessed with so many wonderful volunteers and dedicated people who support senior citizens programs in the beautiful community of Ketchikan, Alaska," said Jackie Beasley. Beasley is the Site Manager of the Ketchikan Senior Center. She said, "Because of this dedication the senior centers 1st Pancake Breakfast fundraiser was a huge success."

jpg Felsman & Rubin

Stan Felsman and Dave Rubin provided entertainment at Pancake Fund raiser...
Photo by Priscilla Barnett

Rewards were many and requests were overwhelming for making this an annual event said Beasley. "Along with the generous community contributions thru ticket sales and donations from various community retailers, $ 1,450.00 was raised to support our meal program," said Beasley. "Along with that, the rewards were many and requests were overwhelming for making this an annual event."

Beasley said the social atmosphere was spectacular with laughter, great conversation, singing, with a fun time being had by those who attended. She said, "The wonderful duo of Stan Felsman and Dave Rubin earned the much deserved spotlight at this spectacular event very quickly. The contribution they made of sharing their wonderful talents and providing a variety of music during the breakfast was rewarding to all who attended. It made our hearts smile and inspired many participants, staff, and volunteers, to break out in dance."

jpg Jackie Beasley

Stan Felsman, Dave Rubin and Jackie Beasley
Photo by Priscilla Barnett

Felsman and Rubin were the hit of the event and Beasley said they continue to be a topic of conversation at the senior center and "still bringing smiles to our faces and music to our hearts, as we reflect back on this spectacular event and the musical talent they were so willing to share with those of us who attended." Felsman and Rubin were presented with cookbooks from the seniors as a show of appreciation.

Beasley said, "The South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary ladies worked hard, laughed, smiled, and provided the breakfast of champions. They are a very dedicated and wonderful group and we all feel blessed that they took time on a weekend to volunteer and help support our senior meal program, along with helping make this event a success."

jpg SO.Tongass Volunter Fire Dept.

South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department at the Pancake Fund raiser
Photo by Priscilla Barnett

Priscilla Barnett was the key coordinator for the youth group volunteers and she did a great job keeping things on task and providing photo support to capture this event, said Beasley.

"My appreciation goes out to the many staff and volunteers working together to help provide this smashing event," said Beasley.



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