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Memorial Day
By Senator Lisa Murkowski


May 30, 2005

Memorial Day is a solemn occasion, but also a beautiful one. Solemn because we remember the veterans who died serving their country, they died to preserve our freedom. And beautiful because generations today honor those who died and bring new life to the memory of those who gave their lives.

Today, we must think of the generations that have come before us, and what they sacrificed. We must think with awe about how they served our nation so bravely. And we must think with pride how those who serve our nation today have carried their spirit forward as we face new threats in a new century.

It is with great sadness that we honor the memory of those who died. But we can also be proud that the memory of those who perished will always be with us.

This year Memorial Day has particularly significant meaning as thousands of U.S. troops - many from our own state - are serving in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. When Memorial Day was first observed in 1868 to honor Civil War soldiers who died in battle, it was a time for families and loved ones to remember the brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom. I hope all Alaskans will join me this holiday weekend to reflect on what Memorial Day truly means to this country and where we'd be without the selfless and heroic acts of our soldiers."



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