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Road to the mainland
By Robert McRoberts


May 28, 2005

The last time I flew out of town I was treated like a criminal and totally embarrassed by the searching I was given. I do not like to fly in these times. If you're going some where for some thing quick you probably will get there with out your bags. All at a price you can only afford if you're rich. 

And then we have the ferry. Look at the cost to be locked in a little room with no windows. Some of you may like roughing it and sleep on the couches or floors - maybe even the solarium only to be woke up by the crew smoking cigs at 2 AM. Face it we are stuck here.

Road trips are great. There are so many things you see and learn when you get out on the road. Last year we were driving through Arizona and there were so many little RV Cities in the desert. Where do they all go in the summer when it's a hundred plus? Well I bet if there was a road out of town it would be a lot more affordable to drive through Southeastern Alaska. I would hate to see what it costs to drive a motor home on the ferry. We could build camp grounds and take some of the impact off Ward Lake as it is the only lake we could drive to and fish. We would not all need to have our own boats to just go out and enjoy our beautiful area.
We drove across the Hover Dam. It may be the last time we get that chance as they are building a bridge down the cannon a mile or so. I was not really interested at the time as to how much that was costing. I thought I read a sign that said the whole highway was $50 million - but not sure as I read so many signs on that trip. But when you flew over it in a helicopter it was impressive. There will be more people going over that in one week than would go to the airport in one year - maybe even 10 years.
Our government needs to wake up. Put down these studies that are made by people that do not even know what is best for the locals. If we eliminated the ferry to Bellingham and use that money to build these we would be better off. What we need to do is get Frank More-costly to buy some land on the Unik river then we would be building the road for sure. 

Here's my closing comment cause I need to make some coffee. We lack recreation sites in Ketchikan and a road to the mainland is going to open that up and we will all enjoy it more than we could imagine. The rest of the people who come to Ketchikan will always want to come again and that better than them leaving say it is too damn expensive to come here again.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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