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Bridge to Gravina
By Rob Glenn


May 27, 2005

So the debate continues about the Bridge.

I have said this before and I still hold true with it; build a bridge to the main land. Instead of spending money on the bridge that will get us to Gravina, build a bridge that will bring people to our community.

The argument has been that by building a bridge over to Gravina, it will encourage growth. Well would a road that allows people easy access to Ketchikan itself encourage more growth? It surely must encourage more then having to fly up and start new. Get a road out and in, people can actually drive moving vans to Ketchikan.

The other night I was riding through the Narrows and I saw so much unpopulated land on Revilla.... At the moment, Ketchikan's population is decreasing, this is a fact from the last census. So why not encourage growth to our island? So much land here, why expand on other pristine areas? It is not like Revilla is over populated.

This is a huge island and if a road was built to the mainland it could encourage so much possible growth along that road.

But there is a tunnel vision with our politicians and I am sure that it comes from financial offerings to these very individuals. I mean what have they actually done for the community that they serve? Raise prices of the airport ferry to encourage a bridge? Prevented people with good business ideas from doing what they want. Nice way to treat the water taxi guys! A little business and you treat him like he is the end of the world. How much money was he really taking away from the airport ferry or the borough? Oh and how about the little extra tax the borough adds on for Alaska Airlines to fly in and out. It all hits us in our pockets.

Seems that the very people that are voted in are obviously out for their own pockets. And these people know exactly who they are. Time to do what the majority of your residents want, not what a very very small amount of our neighborhood asks for.

Of course on the flip side, I understand from people that have lived here for a long time, this bridge has been talked about for many many years, so in the end I question if this bridge is really going to go up. I would doubt it. And probably when if does all of us will be gone anyways, the next generation will get stuck with the same issues.

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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