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Interesting old photograph
By Mary Hulse-Rauwolf


May 20, 2005

Point of interest from a long time Ketchikanite. I moved to Ketchikan around 1968, left Ketchikan in 2001. I lived in Wrangell, then Juneau and finally settled in Wasilla Alaska - yah very little rain.

After being here about a week I accepted a job offer with the Salvation Army and for a $2.00 purchase I bought something that was of no interest to anyone here in south central Alaska but in Southeast the picture that I purchased may be of some great value.

Does anybody remember Northbird Aviation Company? Well I have a photo of an old plane in a frame and inside the frame is a business card dated July 17th 1922... (aerial photography and reconnaissance) booking office and hanger are a few of the advertisements printed on card. Apparently they would service people from Portland Canal to Cape Spencer. Boy times have changed. Aerial service for cannery men, miners, engineers, prospectors, trappers and sportsmen as advertised.

I hope someone could enjoy the story behind the picture you never know what you're going to find or where you're going to find it.

Hello to all my old friends that still live there in Ketchikan and a big hug and kiss to family that still reside in Ketchikan. I can't wait for a visit, I'll be sure to unpack my rain gear.

Mary Hulse-Rauwolf
Wasilla, AK - USA



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