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Pennock Island Graves
By Robert McRoberts


May 14, 2005

Years ago my brother-in-law lived at the south end of Pennock Island. We traveled all over the place being kids and we found a lot of graves. Some of them had been destroyed by time and vandals, some just grown over and were hard to see. We wondered why this grave yard was there. Was it because back when the government made these people move to Saxman to get their schooling that all the ground behind Saxman was muskeg?

Most of the graves are not far from the beach on the south end. The "bridge to nowhere" is not going to hit any beaches on the island, they're going for the high ground.  If there were a grave in this area they would have found them as it is muskeg there too.

So Don Hoff, you need not worry about the bridge stopping for that reason. Maybe it's time for you to take a break on this subject. Your letters are getting old, come up with something new.

Most all the people I know and talk with think the bridge is a waste of money and they would rather see a road out of town. We have had a few guests stranded in our town by the ferry system that would really like a road out too.

The only logic I see for this bridge is that after they waste $400 million to build it, that they might really get going on a road so the rest of the world can come drive over it.

In closing I would like to say all we really need is a little bigger ferry and a better terminal with a rest room and baggage check in on the Ketchikan side. We need a better way around the runway with a road or tunnel under the runway - much cheaper and would keep some people working. Plus it's unique.

I wonder if the Governor just wants his new jet for the same reason he wants the bridge - because he's not paying for it, we are?

Like always, it's just my opinion.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, Alaska


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