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Drug bust predicted
by George Miller


May 10, 2005

This morning the paper detailed a drug bust here in Ketchikan. Last Saturday night a man who was speaking at the Tibal House in Saxman, paused for a moment then pointed toward town and said a "dope house was going to fall' within a couple of days. Bobby Conner, prophetic voice to the nations and a minister of Jesus Christ accurately predicted the event.

In these times God is increasing His power and presence through the preaching of the cross, proving the truth by doing supernatural signs among those who are listening. You can bank on more secret things coming to light in the season to come. Those who are involved with dark activities will be found out and there will be some harsh surprises for those in high positions who use the position for their own greedy gain. Those who desire to avoid embarrassing public revelations about themselves will do well to turn from those activites and get it right ahead of time.


George Miller
Good News Fellowship
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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