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What sort of democracy is this anyway?
by Dan Trail


May 05, 2005

What sort of democracy is this anyway? From here in the cheap seats it  seems to be the sort where you elect your rulers and then they lord it over you.  I mean, look at this heavy handed lands bill that Uncle Frank has saddled us with.  Ever since its introduction it has generated howls of protest from communities all over the state.  City councils, mayors, city managers, and Alaskans of all stripes have joined in adamant opposition to what is little more than daylight robbery.

Despite the outcry, the bills have been sailing right through the committees and the floor of the house even, shrugging off each round of public comment and continuing on with little change.

And what is the compelling reason, the greater good that is so important that it trumps the 'petty' concerns of the communities?  As near as I can tell it is nothing more than the will of the governor, the legislatures' desire to curry favor with him, and a general desire to privatize more land and get it onto the tax rolls.

Perhaps most Alaskans wouldn't have a problem with increasing privately held land; but when done in this manner, overriding local concerns, our legislators cease being representatives, and start to resemble an aristocracy.

At enormous expense we've sent our military might overseas to bring democracy to the poor deprived Arab states.  Wouldn't it be nice to actually practice a little of it here at home ourselves?


Daniel Trail
Wrangell, AK - USA



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