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Community Beach Clean-up
by Gigi Pilcher


May 01, 2005

Spring clean up includes cleaning up our beautiful beaches, and last Saturday a group of volunteers "shipped" out to Blank Island and over to Blank Inlet (Gravina Island area) to do a little litter pick-up.

While no couches or mattresses were found growing in trees, there were many other interesting "finds". Among the carelessly tossed glass bottles, cans, shot gun shells, plastic bags, and plastic bottles, was shockingly a pair of undies along with evidence that someone practiced safe sex. Isn't is amazing what people so carelessly toss away for someone else to clean up? There were lots of tarps tied to trees, ropes, axes, and even a wind chime!

If anyone is interested in helping clean beaches on Mother's Day, please contact me or other clean up volunteers. Flyers will be posted.

We are thinking of trying to clean-up Black Sand Beach or maybe other areas along Gravina.

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA


jpg Mike Sallee

Mike Sallee participating in cleanup...

jpg Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh participating in beach cleanup...

jpg Blank Island

The results after cleanup... a more beautiful Blank Island

jpg Mayflower Star

Captain Don DeVore of the Mayflower Star participating in clean up...



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