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District 1 slated to receive more than $258 million...
AK Legislature Passes Capital Budget, Includes Education Funding


May 12, 2004

Ketchikan, AK - On the eve of the last day of the legislative session, State House and Senate leaders agreed on a spending plan that will fund numerous capital projects around the state. The Conference Committee on Senate Bill 283, which included members of both legislative bodies, ended its work late Monday night with an amended bill that combines the supplemental budgets for fiscal year 2004 and the 2005 capital budget. Representative Bill Williams (R-Saxman), chair of the House delegation to the Conference Committee, said the agreement was historic in scope. "Not only does this bill have millions of dollars for vitally needed construction, it includes the largest single increase in funding for education in Alaska ever. As co-chairman of the House Finance Committee, I was in charge of shepherding the Capital budget through the legislative process. This is the first year that we have combined that budget with the supplementals and the education funding bill," he said.

The Capital budget allocates funds for construction projects and major purchases by government and non-profit agencies. Representative Williams said that District 1 is slated to receive more than $258 million in Capital investment in a number of needed projects. This total includes $215 in federal money that is earmarked for the Ketchikan Gravina Bridge project.

Representative Williams, who is completing his twelfth year as a State Representative and his fourth as co-chairman to the Finance Committee, said he takes his responsibility to his constituents seriously. "My experience and my position in the leadership gives me a special opportunity to make sure that the people of District 1 are not shortchanged when it comes to important government services. Every one of the projects that we funded in this bill will strengthen our region's economy and improve our quality of life," he said.


Capital Budget Funded Projects for House District 1:

City of Ketchikan Harbor Float Electrical Program  $100,000
Houghtaling, Point Higgins, Valley Park, White Cliff Schools: each $12,500
North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department: $100,000
Ketchikan Area Youth Court: $25,000
Ketchikan Senior Center: $25,000
Ketchikan Area State Parks Advisory Board: $25,000
Tongass Avenue Water & Sewer Improvements: $1,471,200

Department of Transportation/Public Facilities (Federal Receipts):

Ketchikan Airport Overlay & Runway Safety Upgrade:  $21,850,000
Alaska Marine Highway Terminal - Saxman:  $ 1,250,000
North Tongass Highway Widening/Realignment: $ 3,400,000
Tongass Highway resurfacing, sidewalk, drainage improvements:  $ 1,300,000
Tongass Highway viaduct replacement & rehabilitation: $2,200,000
Coffman Cove Seaplane Float relocation: $1,100,000
AMHS Coffman Cove Terminal: $3,000,000
Coffman Cove Road: $8,000,000

Congressional Earmarks:

Gravina Island Crossing:  $215,000,000
Ketchikan Airport Improvements: $500,000

Projects funded by Re-Appropriation in House District 1:

Saxman Community Center project development & construction: $250,000
Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts: $250,000
Ketchikan Pioneers' Home flat roof replacement: $150,000



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Office of Rep. Bill Williams
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