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Schoenbar Renovation Completion Date Delayed
Story & Photos by Dick Kauffman


May 01, 2004

Ketchikan, AK - For today's seventh graders eagerly anticipating spending at least one year gracing the halls of Schoenbar Middle School, hopefully they'll not be too disappointed to

photo - Schoenbar Middle School

Schoenbar Middle School
Photo by Dick Kauffman - April 29, 2004
learn that the expected completion date of the renovation of Schoenbar likely won't be until the summer of 2005. Their eighth grade memories will be of educational experiences and friends - and of another building.

Ketchikan Borough Project Manager Ric Boyd graciously provided a walk-through tour Thursday of Schoenbar. The walk-through provided an opportunity for a glimpse into Schoenbar to observe the work that has been accomplished and the work still required. The walk-through tour was requested by Sitnews and Mike Harpold, President of the Ketchikan School Board, was invited along.

According to Boyd, the project contract was put out for bid in June of 2003. Of those bidding on the contract, McGraw Custom Construction Company based in Sitka, Alaska was selected as the primary contractor. The initial cost of the renovation was estimated at $9.8 million with the expected completion date August 15, 2004.

During the walk-through tour, Boyd said the project is currently 25% complete. Unforeseen additional renovation needs required to meet standards and safety will result in the

Photo Gallery: Walk-through Photostour... A Glimpse Into Schoenbar's Renovation
expected completion date of August 15, 2004 to not be met.

Boyd said the Ketchikan School Board has recommended a completion date of July 2005. The Ketchikan Gateway Borough along with the McGraw Custom Construction are presently in negotiations to finalize a new project completion date, he said. The projected cost of $9.8 million likely will increase; however, any increase in cost will not be known until after negotiations are complete.

Boyd said local companies are also sub-contracted for the project. Schmolck Mechanical Contractors has been sub-contracted to do the plumbing work and Channel Electric has been sub-contracted to do the electrical work.



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