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Our democracy needs you
by Steve D'Agati


May 31, 2004

Dear Sitnews Readers and Editor;

I am writing because I'm very concerned about the direction of our great nation; I'm a hard-working, fairly conservative, patriotic man.

In the short span of three years, Mr. Bush's record is a dismal failure beyond California and the lower 48: our jobs are disappearing, the Federal Treasury is being looted and bankrupted, we have lost our goodwill standing in the world, the condition of the military, economy, education, social security, veteran's benefits, Constitutional rights, Medicare, and energy resources are suffering, our air and water are dirtier, our forests are thinner, our states are reeling from unfunded mandates, and our young are dying in unnecessary wars for oil.

Our foreign policy is a mess; Iraq is a costly mess and deteriorating -- fast. Our jobs are being outsourced and downsized, fuel prices are at their highest levels, and rising interest rates to pay our record-setting treasury deficits will negatively impact our improving economy. The Euro is outpacing the dollar in value.

This administration has chosen corporations and profits over people, and politics before policies. I don't believe Mr. Bush and his friends give a hoot about you, I, the common man, domestic or world opinion.

The wealthy -- especially the very rich -- are stuffing their pockets with his largesse. Our leaders are secretly closing the doors and drawing the shades of government. They 'spin' the public and media; they silence critics.

There is not a single issue affecting Americans now that is better off than when Mr. Bush was appointed office. I am shocked by what I'm seeing from here.

Citizens and readers, I humbly ask of you: please vote -- our democracy needs you.

Steve D'Agati
Arcata, CA - USA




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