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"Beating a dead horse" or "arguing a moot point"
by Kody Ansharr


May 31, 2004

Joseph Brano writes: "However, in this recent letter you clearly champion yourself as a witty and intelligent powerhouse for smoker's rights."

No, But I do champion myself a libertarian who also believes in a free market society.

For instance there's a smoke free bar here now. Non-smokers unite! Let your wallets be your voice! I picture a mass exodus of non-smokers from the "sinful" bars to the smoke-free,leaving smokey bars without business. (ohh the conflicting logic of it all)

You mention "Anarchy", braavo! Nice use of rhetoric, no-one is asking to bring their six-shooter into the pub.

You also write: "I like how you presume to have a clue about business, touting that businesses operate however they want and it is the customer's responsibility for any damage that happens within."

I re-read my comments and maybe my reading comprehension skills are not up to par. Because I did not see where I alluded to my knowing of business nor did I assert that businesses should operate "however they want". You created a strawman argument,more accolades to you good sir.

I simply contend that parents should be held to at least a semblance of accountability when they knowingly choose(the magic word) to expose junior to any health hazard.Parents have what they call "free will" (philisophical debates notwithstanding).

As for the "common courtesy" argument. If and when a non-smoker enters a smoking pub. Please realize it is a smoking pub and refrain from ranting and making a spectacle.There is a smoke free pub down the street.


Kody Ansharr (mostly harmless)
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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