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Opportunity to discuss options for White Cliff
by Kathy Paulson


May 29, 2004

Dear Ketchikan Community,

As a long time Ketchikan resident and a White Cliff teacher I encourage (or possibly beg) you to attend the Wednesday night meeting dealing with our school building crisis. It will be held at the Kayhi Commons at 6:30, June 2. The meeting is supposed to be set up as a small group discussion for solutions on the problem. There will be no podium, and hopefully an informal atmosphere.

WE CANNOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM WITHOUT COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Even if you have no great solutions, please come be part of the meeting. This is a community problem and we need your input.

If you will be out of town during the meeting, you may email your opinions in to the school district website at or call Supt. Harry Martin or School Board President Mike Harpold.

Please help us.


Kathy Paulson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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