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Proposed school location changes
by Rick Grams


May 28, 2004

I've asked a few questions about the proposed school changes. From what I've heard it has been a discussion involving a limited amount of people. Although I can appreciate the options that have been proposed at Wednesday night's public meeting, I do not see where appropriate consideration for the students has been applied.

First of all, as a parent of a Revilla High School student I am extremely opposed to seeing a migration to Ketchikan High School. Many of the students at Revilla attend because they do not function well in the atmosphere at Kayhi. These students are to be respected, as they are aware of what environment works best for them to be successful as students. Students are people, not cattle to be herded to any location some administrator deems appropriate.

Then, to move Revilla High Students to the Robertson building will be a challenge. In order to maintain the successful implementation of the Revilla curriculum, walls would have to knock down at the Robertson building. I'm pretty sure that would not be allowed. Additionally, the resources are not available to split the Revilla curriculum between the Robertson building during the day, and the Kayhi building at night.

I recognize that we have an issue in our community about schools and student space needs. However, attacking the most successful program within our school district is not the solution to our problems. Revilla is a program that works. I have so much respect for that school. It stands above the crowd because they do not do what everyone else is doing - they do what makes them successful.

Let's keep in mind that Revilla is an independent learning school. The students learn at their own pace, allowing them to also learn their own capabilities. These are essential qualities to have when a person joins the business world or moves on to college. This is what business people look for - Independent thinkers, aware of their own capabilities - these factors bring original ideas to the table of success. Hello? Why is this so hard to understand?

The alternate solution of modular structures is a valid one. We would need to ensure a time limit is set on the use of those structures. Otherwise, we might see the White Cliff School still there in 20 years. White Cliff students deserve to have the best environment available for their use. Elementary school is the building block for the rest of life's education.

Let's be prudent about these requirements and the needs of the students. Do not hastily make decisions based solely on the bottom line. The impact of these decisions will affect more than just the budget. Our children,s' education is much more important. They are the future.

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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