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Another Solution For The School Housing Crisis
by Bobbie McCreary


May 27, 2004

I watched last night's School Board meeting closely and listened to the schooling options for White Cliff students....I heard one parent make an excellent recommendation that is not on the choices offered.

Use the Fawn Mountain location and install modular buildings...I think she was referenced portables, and I am very familiar with that option, coming from California with its huge growth in student population. Also, when I was looking for a house here I explored building a pre-built home. There are "manufactured" or "pre-built" buildings all over town...the Visitor's Bureau is one.

This option would be timely and affordable, and in fact, would probably save the Borough money over all--certainly over the "patch together" options...and these buildings can be built to conform with Alaska building code; further they could be delivered and installed before the new school year. The new school site might choose to build special use buildings such as a gym or all-purpose room separately and use the manufactured buildings for the classrooms and offices.

I strongly urge consideration of this option. Although I have not spoken with him I understand, Dean Henrick, the facilities maintenance manager, has information about these buildings.

Let's act now to create a solution that will create the least possible disruption to the young people of our community; and hopefull, ease the financial burden on the Borough at the same time.

Bobbie McCreary

Ketchikan, AK - USA




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