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Congratulations Senior Class of 2004
by Archie Inoncillo


May 22, 2004

All right! Congratulations to the senior class of 2004 at Ketchikan High School. We finally made it, but not without puting up a fight. I realized how often the homework came during the last week. All I thought about was getting my final projects in, and now I am exhausted. I am sitting here at home trying to recover from it all. I decided to not go out just yet because of my exhaustion. Throughout the week, we didn't really get much of a chance to reflect much upon our 4 years while I was still in class... I guess that's what graduation is for. But yeah, I'm glad I'm out. Now I can just relax a bit before the next stage of my life. All I thought about this week though was work work work. And now, I am tired. But it feels good, good to be out of high school.

On the real, I am very proud of my class personally. The faces that I see in the hallways everyday, they represent what good we can do in the community and the future. I can say I am proud to walk with the class of 2004. I've made great lifelong friendships and connections that will be there at any given time. It's crazy how much more adult we all think after something like this... Anyway. I'm just proud, proud of the job well done and accomplishments we've achieved. Thanks.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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