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Is Alaska senior-citizen friendly?
by Jean Barton


May 21, 2004

My husband and I are seniors living in Yakima, Washington. We were told that Alaska is a good place to live as it is "senior-citizen friendly".

Senior-citizen friendly means you don't tax, tax, tax your seniors and their property to the point of destitution. Afterall, they are retired. Their income is limited. Down here in the lower states, we seniors are frustrated with the way taxes and fees keep increasing.

So we started researching Alaska through AAA, the local library and the Google search engine. That's how I came across your story on native Alaskan Pauline Blackstad. Pauline celebrated her 100th birthday in Ketchikan last year. And her husband of 75-years, William "Bill", accompanied her. How wonderful. I'd like to read more of these "senior" stories. Life can't be all that difficult for seniors in Alaska. Right?

If a senior, living in Ketchikan cares to e-mail me about my husband and me moving there, I'd be most appreciative. I'm 70; my husband is 69.


Jean Barton
Yakima, WA - USA



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