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Re: Pro Bridge
by Rick Grams II


May 20, 2004

There are many people who maintain a "pro bridge" attitude. The possible benefits to the community are obvious. Just try to cross Tongass Avenue during this time of year. The streets are crowded with cars, people, and construction. With the bridge, the community will be able to expand, and grow from the confines of the sardine can we currently live in.

I was disturbed at the inaccurate portrayal of our community in the New York newspaper concerning the cost of the bridge. Our community of Ketchikan has just as much right to expand and grow as any other community in the country. No one complained during the 80's and 90's while West Virginia ranked #1 in receipt of the federal dollar!

Yes - Ketchikan needs to grow. We need more professional type jobs, we need more businesses that will compete globally, and we need that larger tax base of revenue. I want this more than anything for our home. As a father, I see my teenage kids looking out at the world and hoping to move away as soon as they are adults. Why? Like many other people their age (and all ages) - they want one thing - an OPPORTUNITY.

Rick Grams II
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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