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Desecration Bridge
by Don Hoff Jr.


May 20, 2004

I disagree with Michael McColley that property taxes would decline if more homes were built and access was available to Gravina Island and Pennock Island. Government never reduces any kind of taxes once they are in place.

It is true I am living in Tennessee. I have plenty to say about the desecration bridge to Gravina Island via Pennock Island.

1. I pay Federal taxes and I don't want to spend $230 million dollars on a boondoggle bridge for 464 residents on Gravina and Pennock Island. That bridge to nowhere is going to cost local residents maintenance costs after it's built and guess who going to pay for that?

2. I am Tlingit/Tsimshian - Gaanax i di Clan, Yeil hit (Raven House), Taan ta Kwaan (Sea-lion People) or Tongass Tribe. My name is Aan Kadax Tseen. My family is indigenous to Ketchikan and surrounding territories which includes: Pennock Island, Gravina Island, Annette Island, Duke Island, Portland Canal, Nakat Bay, Thorne Bay, George Inlet, Carrol Inlet,Chomley, Percy Islands, Village Island, Cat Island, Tongass Island and to the southern end of Prince of Wales as far as your eyes can see. To an unpopular belief in your brain washed society, these traditional territories belongs to the Tongass Tribe. We have plenty to say about a bridge desecrating our tribal members buried on Pennock Island. Bottom line is your don't need a bridge to Pennock Island. This designed bridge to Gravina Island via Pennock Island emission is not over yet. Be warned, there will be a few surprises if the bridge goes forward.

So, it doesn't really matter where I live in protecting my family, Tribe, environment and my hard earned Federal taxes from going to a bridge so a few folks can drive over. Besides, I am not the only individual opposing the bridge project. This is my own opinion.

Don Hoff Jr.
Federal Taxpayer
Hixson, TN - USA




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