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Re: Pro Bridge & Taxes
by Brandi Conway


May 20, 2004

I would disagree about the bridge being good for Ketchikan. I believe it's going to be a big waste of money. How can it be good for Ketchikan? I don't see how the big ships that sail the channel would get by it... and if you build it high enough, then we start talking about problems for float planes. When did adding more taxes start becoming a good thing? Then think about the toll charges they will charge.

I am sorry property taxes are so high but I doubt building a bring will bring taxes down. I think it is about time for the Borough Assembly to actually start thinking about what is best for those who live here. What has become of our town? I love Ketchikan, I just hate seeing where it is going.

It use to be about making us local people happy, then it became how to make the tourist happy. Look at downtown - how many jewelry stores does one town need? What happened to all the school activities - band, music, arts and crafts, more physical activities like swimming and gym? How did funding get to be so terrible?

I wish someone could answer my questions. Are there still brave folks who are not afraid to speak out. I know I am not afraid for I just want what's best for local citizens.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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