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by Hunter Davis


May 18, 2004

Thank You Mr Harrington. It is a basic tenent of leadership that in order to lead, you have to have someone or some group of people to lead.

In the case of the Borough Assembly, they are trying to show leadership and to be the led (that is, do all the work themselves). I do not have any idea how this came to be, filling a perceived failure of some kind, probably, but what it means is that the Assembly has found itself trying to manage every single thing going.

You hire good people, give them a clear mission, set a definable set of standards and then get out of the way. You don't have to get progress reports every day and you don't have to okay every single decision.

You do have to answer questions for guidance, you do have to provide timely counseling and you can ask for progress checks until you feel that the subordinate activity has a good handle on what they are doing.

Leadership is leading and I feel that that is why we elected the people on the Assembly, to lead.

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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