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Money, Power, Pride, and Politics
by Linda Hansen


May 14, 2004

I am writing in regards to your letter Stephanie. I for one am happy that you are our president.

I would rather see the money spent for elections to go to our elders and children for medical, dental, hearing aids and glasses for which Medicare does not allow to be paid for.

Some of the elders feel so excluded from which was once their place of honor. They were asked about what to do about problems that arise in the community. They were very highly respected. Their voice was heard and what they said or did was always with respect and dignity. They didn't accuse or bicker, they talked softly and solved the problem. What ever happened to unity within the tribes?

You want to get back to the tribal way of life, but then we read in the paper about who's doing what and to whom, where is the dignity and respect in that? Politics, Power, Money all the things that didn't matter many years ago. It was the elders who made those decision, what was best for the whole community, not for self praise, money, power, or politics.

Seek out your elders for help and support. If you go back to the traditions, you wouldn't need lawyers, politics, or power. Just your elders with wisdom and pride. So, sit back and think about what is best for your community and your children, your elders and family. Is it Power, Pride and Politics that are clouding judgments in what needs to be done? I hope that things will be solved in a respectful way and that the politics, power and money don't get to be the only thing that unity among our community is all about.

We may not like all that is done by our president or even counsel, but hopefully it is in the best interest of the community. I would hate to see KIC go down the tubes because of Money, Power, Pride, and Politics because the community is in need of all that KIC has to offer. Yes, I know that we wouldn't have KIC if it weren't for Politics and Money, but don't let it cloud the judgment on what is right for the community. I believe that we have to think of our children also, they are our future.

Well of course this is my own personal opinion, so take it in stride. God Bless all of you in our community.

Linda Hansen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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