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Setting an example
by Yeda Hicks


May 12, 2004

Please consider your children. Know that everything you as leaders say and do will be repeated by and refelcted in your childrens behavior. Know that you are setting an example. The pain and shame they must feel. Give your children more reasons "to feel good" about themselves as indivuals and as a people.

Think about your Children. Please consider your children. What are you as leaders and very visibal role models teaching through your actions. Please know that your children are following you.

Know that your children are watching and learning from everything you do and say. Please consider how your actions affect your children. Show them a better, more respectable, way to "work things out". For the sake of your future as a people - please consider your children. I beg you, please consider your children.

Peace & Love
Yeda Hicks
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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