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The MAP Factor
by Pat Long


May 10, 2004

An excellent article and so true. More people need to be proactive with their health care. Anyone with a computer can research a disease, a treatment, a medicine, or health care association or support group.

I have one area of dissent, however. In the last paragraph of Joanne Flora's "The MAP Factorin Health and Healing", Ms. Flora states "there is no reason for anyone to become victimized by an illness, injury or disorder."

There is a cost factor. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 35 yrs. I think I have a high MAP factor. There are a few alternative therapies I would like to try. But they won't fit into my budget. Although some alternative therapies are now being recognized by insurance companies, you have to HAVE insurance. Try to get any health insurance if you have a chronic condition. The cost is prohibitive to most people.

So, even a proactive, MAP person with a desire, can still not be able to get all the relief that may be available. But I'll still keep doing the best I can. I won't ever let it get me down.

Pat Long
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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