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RE: Setting The Record Straight
by Don Hoff Jr.


May 07, 2004

The Democrats in Alaska need to stand firm and vote no on any legislation that will take any moneys from the Alaska Permanent Fund with any constitutional amendments to Alaska's Constitution. Democrats and all the political parties in Alaska be warned. If you vote to tap the Alaska Permanent Fund for anything other than to pay out dividend checks to your constituents it will be your demise for your next election.

The voters will perceive tapping into the Alaska Permanent Fund as theft to balance Alaska's budget woes. Governor Frank Murkowski is wrong. The Governor has tunnel vision and not considering any other options; bring back State tax, stop pork-barrel projects or put a freeze on State employee wages.

We are or will be paying over $2.00 a gallon of gas nation-wide. The price of a barrel of Alaska crude oil is high.

The Alaska Permanent Fund belongs to the citizens of Alaska, not the State Government. The Democratic Party in Alaska needs show some vigor, moral strength and back-bone to protect the Alaska Permanent Fund for Alaskans and their children.

The Government giveths and the Government takeths away. This is my opinion only and shared by others.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanax i di Clan
Yei l hit
Taanta kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA


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