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Addiction is a scary thing
by Archie Inoncillo


May 07, 2004

Addiction is a scary thing, a scary word as well. And that is a prime evil in Ketchikan. I am not bagging on everyone who does it because I have to and choose to interact with these people. A lot of these people are acquaintances and some are really good friends. Y'know like I said before, I don't force them to do the healthy thing but I don't smile upon their choices they make either. It's just life and that's the way it goes. But I continue to stay true to myself and everyone around me. I care about people, no matter enemy or friend. People are people and their optimum value of living is what I look out for.

Back to addiction. I just watched a video about Methamphetamines the other day... And one point that they made is that the users keep binging because they want to stay as high as they can because they do not want to feel the after-effects of getting off the high and crashing down. I think that's universal for all things. Sure the drugs make you "feel good" but it doesn't last forever and I think the users know that. That's why they keep doing it. It's not addiction, I think it's just the fear of hurting the morning after.

I dunno that's all I got for this point. I'm so tired. Life is so hectic right now. Being a senior in high school is drug enough for me. Good night all!

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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