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By David G Hanger


April 26, 2023

What a pathetic waste this city council is!!! As described by a former elected official they are a dull bunch of “tax and spend” Trumpistas, an observation clearly reinforced by their asinine conduct as the worst of “tax and spend” liberals while purporting to be small government fascistas; in short a gaggle of ungrounded idiots. Please recall these people; we simply cannot afford this kind of ignorance. In a year when the March inflation report was 10.4% per annum this bunch of bird brains jacked up the sales tax to 8% thereby burdening even further the locals trying to make ends meet while buying in stores that are increasing their prices 10% weekly.

So now on top of that this bunch of jackass greed heads wants to re-impose sales tax on senior citizens only starting with their alcohol and marijuana consumption. I don’t give a damned what moronic church-goer in this rude bunch is concerned with senior sin; that is none of your damned business in the first instance, and in the second instance, bozo(s), if we have lived this long, maybe we know something already about limiting our indulgences.

Stick your judgmental inclinations up a dark place where they belong, and do not be concerned with your elders’ sin any longer. Of greater concern is your self-righteousness.

Now let’s talk about one of Uncle David’s favorite inclinations, ganja. Some of us just enjoy, but I know several retired law enforcement personnel who have learned the wonders of edibles for any number of different types of pain relief and relief from the symptoms of several auto-immune diseases. There are likely hundreds of senior citizens on this rock who use these products for these reasons primarily. And you want to gouge them because you are incompetent?

This bit about fixed incomes is also very real. Even with older folks like me who are still working we are unable to put in the hours we used to put in. In a time of inflationary pressure like we are dealing with now the pinch is much worse for senior citizens because they have no means of compensating via doing more.
You want to increase their costs for indulgences because of the church you go to and the self-righteous attitude you have that these things, no matter who consumes them, should be taxed by you for your benefit, not for anyone else’s. Leave the seniors alone, welch.

Your town is falling apart around you, and you have not even noticed. Tongass Avenue is a bona fide candidate for the worst main street on the continent. I am told there are some real problems with pilings underneath the buildings downtown. South of town the highways are undulating, and the mall parking lot seems to be sinking.
You don’t notice these things for the same reason you do not notice or give a damned about the local citizens, particularly those in the private sector. Your sole concern is with out-of-towners.

And your very selfish selves.

I see lots of private sector medical insurance plans that cost a whole lot less than $30,000 to more than $40,000 for one or two people that your Rolls Royce plans cost. Then there are all those PERS contributions with which you all feather both your present and future nests. With the absurd base salaries you are paying it is costing the local taxpayer around $200,000 for every feather merchant you employ.

You produce nothing. You rip off we who do produce to make yourselves millionaires in 20 years, and you don’t yet understand the sheep have already been shorn to the quick.

First thing you need to do is fire some bureaucrats, then fire a few more. Find out how many you can do without. You might thus leave us all pleasantly surprised. But you need to do that before you think about ripping off any local senior citizen for one single dime.

In the meantime since you are absolutely and unquestionably incapable of maintaining local infrastructure in any semblance of reasonable shape quit asking for taxpayer money that is only going to line your filthy pockets. Learn how to negotiate some deals and end the Rolls Royce and Ferrari benefit packages first. Until then go to hell.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received April 18, 2023- Published April 26, 2023

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