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The Abundant Life

By Tim Livingston


April 21, 2022
Thursday PM

Colorado Governor Jared Polis along with the Senate majority in that State recently approved their so called ‘Reproductive Health Equity Act.’ They are not the only State to do so. Everything about this appellation is in fact the exact opposite of what the Act provides. The HB 22-1279 abortion bill was recently signed into law by the smiling governor while surrounded by an entourage of equally gleeful men and women who participated in the celebration of being able to violently remove a child out of its mother’s womb - up until the time of birth. Stop for a moment if you can and think clearly about this heinous Act. Stop and consider what this law approves as a normal, healthy, and acceptable way for a society to Act. Stop and ponder the ramifications and character of the people who participate in and give credence to this Act.

HB 22-1279 is a Reproductive Act?

This manmade edict prohibits the passing of other laws which may “deny, restrict, interfere with or discriminate against an individual’s fundamental right to use or refuse contraception or to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion.” When were we ever given a ‘fundamental right’ to end a child’s life, and be free of prosecution? How did we come to the point in our humanity that we can assuage our guilt so much that it frees us of any personal responsibility for our actions? This law, of course, provides for the freedom of the individual who is pregnant, but not the freedom or individual right of the child. And yet somehow this law is labeled as a reproductive Act? Absolutely not. This Act defies reproduction. This Act ends reproduction. There is no reproduction allowed for or associated with this Act.

We are all seemingly disturbed at the ghastly daily depictions of wars and criminal acts around the globe, of people massacred and disenfranchised, and rightly so. How is it we aren’t equally horrified that laws are passed that encourage the deaths of children up until the time of birth - and even after? How is it even sanely possible for this Act to be conceived, much less agreed to by a majority?

HB 22-1279 is a Health Act?

This Act also states that ‘politically motivated, medically inappropriate restrictions on health care have no place in our statutes or our medical offices.’ So, somehow this law isn’t itself politically motivated? Somehow this law is not a medically inappropriate restriction on the health care of the child? Who even gets to determine what is medically inappropriate? If this doesn’t define political motivation, then what does? How can this be considered anything remotely associated with a health Act?

The politicians and politically motivated mothers are free to enjoy their health and wellbeing, but a defenseless child is not given that opportunity. The laws in this country and many other places around the world give more protection to the rights and health of animals than they do to humans, especially our children.

HB 22-1279 is an Equity Act?

Equity for whom? Equity is defined as the state or quality of being just and fair. So just how does this law provide justice and fairness to the child? It doesn’t. Noah Brandt of Live Action summarized the Act thusly:

“Under the Reproductive Health Equity Act, doctors would not be required to give babies delivered alive standard medical care to save the child’s life. Medical providers would listen to the mother’s instructions which could include not providing life-sustaining medical care to the child, which would lead to the child’s death, which most reasonable people would consider infanticide. State legislatures must focus on supporting families, not destroying their youngest members.”

Just stop and let that sink in. Picture if you will the above ghastly scene played out daily in Colorado, California and other approved medical facilities across this nation. Do you understand what is being promoted by some as an acceptable standard for the world in which we all live? Equity? Not hardly. What happened to doctors and the medical community adhering to an oath of ethical standards to do no harm to human life? Can you imagine how these laws will become steppingstones to additional egregious Acts such as euthanasia and selective culling just so (as the Colorado legislature puts it) people can “pursue personal, educational, financial, and familial goals?!” And this is somehow equitable for the unborn and born child? This is appalling.

The Colorado governor goes on to mention that “we want to make sure that our State is a place where everyone can live and work and thrive and raise a family on their own terms.” That is of course, everyone except for the unborn and those children who have been born alive.

A nation’s inability to recognize all human life as precious will most assuredly lead to its demise. We are experiencing the effects of this firsthand. This culture of death has its roots in selfishness, moral laxity, and innate sin. Thankfully, God has provided grace and forgiveness for this as He has for all sin through His Son Jesus the Christ. ALL of us have fallen short of God’s standard. But we all must repent, pray to end abortion and seek instead to elevate the inviolability of precious children who are made in the image of God.

Love for others must replace our hubris and selfish desires. Sacrificing for the needs of others should be the clarion call for all of us, not just those who have faith in Jesus. I implore you young and old alike, please reconsider your decision to free yourself of your child. The absolute best Reproductive Health Equity Act that you can do is to allow your child to be born and live. My wife and I would love to help you in this endeavor.


Tim Livingston





Editor's Note:

The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.

Received April 08, 2022 - Published April 21, 2022

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