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Income tax

By A. M. Johnson


April 27, 2017
Thursday PM

For those supportive of a State (Teacher) Income Tax. Nothing is stopping each of you to submit a check to the State in any amount your little heart desires. Nothing. Aaaaaa, but that is not the goal, the goal is for ME and the remaining private citizens to pay an income tax so that YOU are able to continue to enjoy life at the level you deem or negotiate desirable.

Short lesson - The vast majority of the proposed Teacher income tax [HB115] is for education. The state constitution calls for funding public education. Public education cost comprises of 80+% of peoples' [teachers] cost in any district budget. The proposed Teacher income tax is authored by special interest legislative members, related to, or friends of the 85% benefiters of the educational world. This Teacher income tax is nothing more than a guarantee much as the bailouts of the Democratic regime of Barrack Hussein Obama' s efforts of funding similar groups of narcissism individuals and public unions.

The result of this proposed Teacher income tax will be the betterment of one segment of our society over the remaining not so fortunate populations.

Religious schools, compete scholastically with public schools demonstrated in mutually given test becomes an embarrassment or should to public education, when the cost of education for the religious schools runs nearly $50.000 or less per teacher vs. $130.000 in the public sector [tenured]. Point? The restrictions on the funding for public education vs. religious or private have become straw men arguments, were the results honestly viewed? The scholastic results and less cost of home schooling is even more resounding given the increased number of families undertaking the challenges involved. These sources of education SHOULD be given the educational dollars allocated per student to the students of these religious and private educational efforts as well the home schooled.

The dollars should follow the student (Citizen of the State, resident of the State, under the state constitution] The total constitutionally educational required dollars allocated would seemingly, be drastically reduced.

Let us not, then, yield to the illusion of believing that HB115 vote adds anything whatever to budget short fall. It reallocates possessions, it reallocates wages, and that is all. Where taxes are contributed, those whom the tax funds [teachers/administrators'] escape their share of the budget deficient, while adding to that which we remaining income earning citizens will have to suffer.

In closing, the need for an income tax for the purpose of education is nothing more than a plundering of personal wealth and redistributing to those who currently exceed the State wide average wage earned. As a result, the education fraternity will join the state employee work force, and the 50% receiving Mail Box Money and welfare participants who will not be paying anything or very little riding in the wagon the private sector [a dwindling smaller segment of the wage earning population] will be pulling.

Until the last dollar in ALL the state reserve funds has been exhausted, then and only then will reality hit. A quote from the movie McLintock where the old man says to the character McLintock: We go home now McLintock, no more whiskey [money]


Ketchikan, Alaska

Received April 27, 2017 - Published April 27, 2017




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