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Alaska State Income Tax is Wrong

By Chris J. Herby


April 19, 2017
Wednesday PM

Editor, SitNews:

I am writing this because yesterday my day started off with one of the biggest and worst shocks in recent memory. The headlines read AK House OK's income tax. As a community, we must stand up and show our outrage. We have been fooled by a con-man. As a ploy to get elected, Dan Ortiz ran as an Independent when he is clearly a Democrat. He joined with the Democrats in the State House to support our first state income tax in decades. We all realize that our state is in a budget crisis and something needs to be done to correct it. However, a state income tax is the worst possible thing that could be done. This will take hard working Alaskans' paychecks and make them smaller every week of the year.

Our economy is already struggling and now our representative wants to remove more money from the economy and add another 70 bureaucrats to state government to run the collection of an income tax. This means that a big part of what we lose from our paychecks will be lost to cover the increased cost to collect the tax rather than help with the budget deficit.

Dan Ortiz says he wants input from his constituents, but when he gets it, he ignores it and votes however he feels like. In this case he voted for bigger government and smaller paychecks for the worker.

If Dan would be honest, I'm certain he would admit that he had far more comments from constituents opposing an income tax than supporting it. The state senate can still stop this madness. I hope everyone will offer input to the senate and tell them we cannot afford an income tax. Our economy cannot afford an income tax. The senate has a plan to help the budget crisis and avoid an income tax.

I hope we can avoid this economy killing income tax and replace Dan Ortiz next year with someone who truly will listen and look out for our best interests instead of simply wanting to grow government and hurt the working class.


Chris J. Herby
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "I have been a Ketchikan resident and business owner for 35 years. I know that more money being taken from my employees paychecks will hurt our economy."

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