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Think About It

By Donald A. Johnson


April 03, 2017
Monday PM

I noticed with interest that Lisa Murkowski voted with the Democrats to fund elective abortions thru Planned Parenthood. This is just one example (and there are many) of why we have excessive taxes and the average working man cannot make ends meet.

It would be a whole different program if you were required to direct pay for these social services that you do not support. Example: The troopers show up at your house and knock on your door. They tell you that Wilma got drunk 2 months ago, and had unprotected sex with 3 guys at the bar. Now she wants an abortion, and it's your turn to pay $5,000 for it. Write us a check. Or, Fred down the street was drunk all week, and he can't buy groceries for his family. It's your turn to pay $500, write us a check. THINK ABOUT IT. There would be a revolution.

We have a bunch of elected representatives, Federal, State, and local that are totally out of touch with the working man and his struggles to make ends meet. On the local level, taxes are constantly rising. I don't have to go into detail. Example: tobacco tax. Funding of Cadillac projects that cost 100s of thousands of dollars. I see the cost of these bids for projects, like the museum restrooms, and wonder what planet these so called reps come from.

On the state level, Gov. Walker and his ilk stole half of our permanent fund last year to the tune of 750+ million dollars. They didn't steal 750+ million dollars, they stole 1.5+ billion dollars. THINK ABOUT IT, the money they stole did not go into the economy of Alaska. Who knows where it went.

Citizens of this state need to wake up. We keep electing these culls that are retired from a government job and have no clue as to the struggles of the working man and woman struggling to pay bills and pay rent. YES people, I'm talking about people that WORK. They vote 2, 3, 5 million dollars for bs projects, and to them it's just a WORD. It's not real money that comes out of our pockets. THINK ABOUT IT.

In closing, I've said enough. I'm just tired of getting screwed all the time. Rodney Dial is right. All his figures are factual. I looked them up. Think for yourself people, and stand up when you are getting unfairly taxed.

Donald A. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: 41 year Ketchikan Resident.

Received April 01, 2017 - Published April 03, 2017

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