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Weimer Wins 5K Ken Teune Stampede Run


April 10, 2017
Monday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - A touch of rain did not dampen the spirits of Ketchikan's walkers and runners Saturday during the Ken Teune Stampede, the first event of the season. It is co-sponsored by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Recreation Center and the Ketchikan Walking and Running Club. 

Young fast runners dominated the one mile event.  First place belonged to 11 year old Aidan Miller at 5:52.  First female was 12 year old Ella Stockhausen at 7:42. 

Carlos Weimer placed first in the 5K race (21:54)
Photo courtesy Bill Elberson

Carlos Weimer placed first in the 5K race (21:54) despite starting at the very back of the pack.   First 5K  female runner was 12 year old Anneliese Hiatt at 22:26.  Race Director Fred Jorgensen said;  “Thank goodness the snow is gone.  We thought we would have to do this race on skis”.


Aidan Miller 5:52,  Trevor Dash 5:55,   Everr Kistler 7:02,  Casey Styles 7:07,  Ella Stockhausen 7:42,  Liam Woodward 8:20,  Evan Dash 8:21,  Ezrah Harney 9:01,  Kyrene Harney 9:21,  Cayden Harney 9:21,  Marcus Stockhausen 9:30,  Evelyn Robbins 9:43,  Devyn Young 9:43,   August Lindemann 10:48,  Gale Lindeman 10:48,  Avka Arntzen 13:08,  Sharli Arntzen 13:08,  Savanah Nieshe 13:22,  Ellen Moyseowicz 18:34,  Thad Moyseowicz 18:39,  Ya’el Harney 21:08,  Richard Harney 21:08,  James Finch 21:22,  Krista Finch 21:22,  Denny Terry 24:11,   Luke Chernick 24:11

Start of 5K
Photo courtesy Bill Elberson


Carlos Weimer 21:54,  Brent Capps 22:18,  Anneliese Hiatt 22:26,  Christian Marenlo 22:27,  Hunter Matthews 23:09,  Eric Riemer 24:07,   Brayden Gentry 24:31,  Mike Moyseowicz 24:35,  Katie Sivertsen 24:50,  Owen Woodward 25:10,  Rhea Kahle 25:14,  Steven Jimerson 26:01,  Leigh Woodward 26:03,  Joe Petry 28:31,  Chloe Larna 29:07,  Trisha Capps 29:36,  Bill Gass 29:40,  Dallas Brown 30:11,  Charlie Young 30:33,  Tyler Pendergrass 30:58,  Diana Moyseowicz 30:14,  Kimberly Connolly 30:16,  Noah Robbins 31:00,  Jon Tully 31:34,  Cayden Harney 31:45,  Sarah Harney 32:46,  Braidyn Young 32:57,  Autumn Avea 33:00,  Emil Kvasnikoff 33:01,  Killian Connolly 34:19,  Maretta Raber 34:20,  Marcus Capps 35:20,  Andy Mathews 35:50,  Natalie Kastner 35:57,  Nancy Axelson 36:03,  Tilly Raber 36:10,  Amber 36:18, David Sweetman 37:17,  Haley Heck 37:41,  Romel Del Mundo Jrt. 37:55,  Kamryn Craig 37:56,  Matthew Alguire 37:57,  Seth Webb 38:00,  Anastazia Jennings 38:47,  Gregory Jennings 38:48,  Hunter Cowan 39:44,  Jill Cowan 39:51,  Britene  Larna 41:33,  Jessica Mathews 42:12,  Wendy Horn 44:48,  Robin Velazquez-Beadle 44:50,  Tia Collins 52:59,  Joy Murphy 53:05,  Tiffany Pickerel 54:42

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