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Re: Errata and Corrective

By Tyler Randall


April 27, 2015
Monday PM

I am writing to confirm my pleasure that Mr. Hanger has discovered a thesaurus, and with such statements as "supercilious sensitivities" and "corncob sitting sideways", he has firmly cemented himself in my mind as a pompous windbag. Further, I am happy to find that his proverbial wind has again splayed itself across Sitnews, as I have of late been seeking additional entertainment. You see, I have been looking to take up a new hobby, and I believe that Mr. Hanger has provided it.

I thank Mr. Hanger for his suggestion that I become a member of his "order" to fill this empty time. I am unaware of expressing interest in any such society, but I happily endorse his concept of reading 5,000-10,000 words a day, although I must say that that number is mildly minimalistic (only 10-20 pages of reading a day? If I should be so lucky...). However, despite his insistence on my entry into this "order", I must unfortunately decline. The benefits and PTO are not to my liking, and I find that any library card holder can acquire the education which he speaks of in exchange for a State ID and a piece of postmarked mail. When he points to such figures as Banfield and Wilson from Harvard and the U of C, respectively, it makes me wonder which highway his education was received from.

With this said, I have pondered why he would tie white supremacy and the Council-Manager system of government into a debate that previously revolved around marijuana legalization and his ineffective, insulting, and infantile defense of it. I, in no way, was positing the merits of Ketchikan's system of administration. In fact, I was simply saying that he was throwing excrement at a rather high speed, when he should perhaps be making his case in a more civil manner. I believe that the saying you catch more flies with honey than vinegar appropriately describes his lack of tact in this matter. However, perhaps while attempting to defend his satirical piece of frivolity, he lost that fact in translation.

But alas, I digress. The original subject of our supercilious debate was indeed marijuana legalization and his apparent disdain for the local government's handling of it. I find that the entirety of the latter argument is summarized by the statement of a rather wise politician, "regulate it, tax it, and shut-up." As Mr. Hanger previously said, I am rather child-like, and he does not wish to hear from me again; therefore, I would advise that he end his rather tiresome reminiscences, while contemplating very carefully the amount of napalm which he intends to drop. In other words, keep shoveling, and I will gladly reciprocate.

Tyler Randall
Ketchikan, Alaska



Received April 25, 2015 - Published April 27, 2015

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