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Tax consumption, so those who spend the most, pay the most

By David Shipp


April 27, 2015
Monday PM

I have been a FairTax supporter, speaker, and advocate for a number of years. I wasn't always. Once I researched and learned about its many advantages I see no other viable option to save our economy.

Stephen Eldrige recently wrote to the editor using the same cut and paste inaccuracies he has been using all over the web. Therefore, I felt compelled to write and let you know he is one of those who benefits from the current system and the existence of the IRS. Do your own research, then once you have made up your own mind, write your representatives and let them know you want them to support H.R.25.

Like the repeal of prohibition or the fight for women's rights, it will not happen unless "we the people" make it happen. When researching, please keep in mind, the FairTax REPLACES what we have now. It may well be the only means to End the IRS. If the sixteenth amendment is not repealed according to the guide lines of the bill, the FairTax disappears, and we revert to what we have now. When have you ever seen a bill so sure you will like it, it has a trial period. How can we go wrong? If we do nothing, once it is enacted, it reverts back to what we have now. There can be No duplication of taxes. Since it replaces what you pay now, you are currently paying more than what H.R.25 proposes you will pay.

Currently you just don't see how much tax you pay since you do not get your pay with out first paying tax on your entire pay check. Wouldn't it be great to not have to keep track of how much tax you pay or money you earn?

April 15 just another day! Wouldn't it be great to get your pay check with out any federal withholding?

Tax consumption, so those who spend the most, pay the most. Not production, so that production is punished. See the web site

David Shipp
Naples, North Carolina


Received April 22, 2015 - Published April 27, 2015

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