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By Tyler Randall


April 09, 2015
Thursday PM

In response to Mr. Hanger's rather whimsical and petty diatribe on the merits of marijuana, I must say that I overall agree with him on several fronts. Firstly, he is correct that marijuana is indeed legal in Alaska at this time. Secondly, he is also correct in that it is pointless to debate said legality at this time. Unfortunately, that is where I stop agreeing with him.

I assume that during the obtaining of the multiple letters following Mr. Hanger's name that he took a class on logic, debate, and ethics. He might have even taken more than one, who knows? He did, however, grossly ignore those subjects in the "professional document", which he published recently.

I, as Mr. Hanger viciously attempted to do with Mr. Timmerman, would like to address some of his deficits. Mr. Hanger must understand that I also have multiple degrees in multiple subjects, ranging from healthcare to Middle Eastern Studies, and throughout those numerous levels of higher education that I attended, I have never quite been able to fit in the phrase "really, really stupid" into any document that I called professional. Nor would "liquid refreshers" quite merit my standards of publication.

Additionally, if Mr. Hanger is going to attempt to publish an article with statistical data, it would behoove him to cite the origin of those numbers. Simply stating, "some people I have talked to" told me doesn't cut it when creating and submitting a "professional document" in a public forum. You see, we as the public cannot trust such figures because we don't know his "people". If he wanted to truly produce an influential piece, he might quote some of the numbers pouring out of Colorado, which correctly point to the efficacy of legalizing and taxing a trade that continues, legal or not.

In the end, I am insulted by Mr. Hanger's lack of class in presenting an argument which deserves a little professionalism and consideration. Kindly think a little harder before placing blanket statements on individuals in the community attempting to rationalize and regulate a very large change, and next time, bring a stronger argument to the table when you do it. I actually agree with the legalization of marijuana, but I do not agree with Mr. Hanger's manner of supporting it.

Tyler Randall
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "I am an RN who has lived and worked locally on and off for the past 10 years."

Received April 07, 2015 - Published April 09, 2015

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