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RE: Proposed law to legalize marijuana

By Craig DeBoer


April 28, 2014
Monday PM

Mr. Marvin Seibert, it is clear that you have not done any research on marijuana. Not only is alcohol more addictive, it is deadly whilst there has not been one overdose from marijuana ever. Yes, small children have found their parents' stash and ingested it. Whose fault is that? What about the children who get into their parents' prescription meds? Booze? Even firearms! All three are proven to be deadly with misuse, unlike marijuana.

Yes, you can make delta-9 tetrahydrocannibanol (THC) and Cannabinoid (CBD's) concentrates, and yes you can blow yourself up doing so in an uncontrolled amateur environments with butane, not propane. If Colorado police are having an issue busting stoned drivers, doesn't that kind of speak for itself? They don't seem to have an issue busting drunk drivers. Point being, if you are an experienced pot smoker you can function just fine on a regular basis with nobody knowing you are stoned. Texting and driving kills more people than driving stoned does. Cops can test you for being stoned, it's called getting your blood drawn and having THC present within it. Maybe they cant tell how stoned you are due to different tolerance issues but, they can still see the fact that you have indeed ingested marijuana before driving.

Maybe Marijuana does effect the developing brain, so don't make it easy for children to access. If you were to walk into a high school as a student, and ask people where to get some drugs, I guarantee you could get just about anything you'd like.

If you take the pot off the streets and get it into medical and recreational shops, it puts dealers out of business hence making the herb a regulated drug that you can only get at a certain age. This doesn't mean children can't get it, it just means we need to take the right measures to prevent them from getting it.

Being from Colorado you should know that the teen usage rate has gone down while the adult usage rate has gone up. If I'm not mistaken that's a good thing right?

It's also proven that marijuana is not addictive but, you can grow a slight dependence on it, which can make it harder to eat, sleep, or be happy if you aren't smoking. I would rather leave my children with weed than pharmaceuticals or alcohol.. both of which are easily accessible.

If you were to find out one day all the people who hide the fact that they smoke, you would be amazed. Your judgmental attitude is based on lies that have been force fed to the public for years. Hemp as well as cannabis is illegal yet, you cannot get stoned off of hemp. Hemp can be used for many many many things.. There's hempcrete, hemp insulation, hemp paper, hemp fiber for clothes, hemp food, etc... Why is hemp illegal you may ask? Well big corporations back in the early 1900's realized how many uses these miracle plants had so they lobbied against them and put out lies to scare the public.

The biggest lie of all is that stoners are violent drug addicted people. Stoners are some of the most loving people you can meet. They are always helping each other, constantly giving, and spreading joy with the herb. The real threat is alcoholics and prescription pill addicts. There are countless cases of suicides, murders, thefts, etc.. from alcohol and pill addicted people under the influence or even going through withdrawals.

With all this being said, I want to ask you this; Look at your neighbors all around the United States and ask yourself what the real issue is, going home, getting stoned, eating some food and watching tv being lazy, or is it those who go to the bars and get drunk, get in barfights, stab each other, drive home wasted and kill 4 others in a wreck, beat their wives at home, shoot themselves and much worse.

How about those addicted to prescription pills, robbing pharmacies, breaking into homes, stealing to get high, overdosing and dieing because they took 2mg too much. How about those who are prescribed prescription meth? AKA adderall. Blood circulation isn't as well, weight gain is harder, addiction is very easy.

The last thing I ask is before you get angry and go on a rant about a plant, do your research. Learn the actual facts.


An educated advocator,

W Craig DeBoer
Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "Hard working 18 year old that's done his research."

Received April 27, 2014 - Published April 28, 2014

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