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Our wasted money

By Don Petrey


April 11, 2013
Thursday AM

Look at this sight and see the two green blocks on the top left and the two red ones at the bottom below them. Those are 2 diesel generators running at bailey power plant and the two green ones are the Swan turbines, not giving us any power SEAPA don\'t care they are not paying for the diesel fuel and not giving us any power at all. Let\'s change a few things if they can\'t provide us at least 75% of the power we need how about they pay for the 25% of the fuel our diesels are running on. And if they have to shut down like they are now after a big rain storm they should pay for all the fuel we use sense it\'s not our fault but theres. You can email me and I will explain it all. This is a public access website.”

Don Petrey
Ketchikan, AL

About: A Co-Owner of Ketchikan Coalition for Renewable Energy

Received April 10, 2013 - Published April 11, 2013


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