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All drugs are not safe for all people!
By Teri J Wilson


April 04, 2013
Thursday PM

Once again Ketchikan is experiencing "cookie cutter" doctoring.  The three favorite drugs, at his time, no matter what you have are:  Cymbalta, Gagapentin, and Lyrica.  Here are the facts:  Cymbalta is an anti-depressant, did you know that?  SOME patients experience a reduction in various pains, but then again, people taking  placebos also experience benefits.  The FDA has decided it's OK to label this drug as a pain reliever, but it's not.  Since it alters brain chemistry, should you be taking it for pain?!?

Lyrica, the side effects include vision loss, and it's permanent, it doesn't go away if you stop the drug.  However, it's also claiming to be a pain reliever, albeit for diabetic foot pain.  It also causes muscle and joint pain, so it makes no sense to take it for pain.

Gabapentin, the worst of the bunch, is actually an anti-convulsant/anti-seizure medication, and it messes with the brain.  It is also touted as a pain reliever, as a side effect.  The problem with Gabapentin is that is can cause seizures in patients who do not have seizure disorder!

Read up on the drugs your physician is trying to prescribe to you, and beware of cookie cutter doctoring.  All drugs are not safe for all people!

Teri J Wilson
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 30, 2013 - Published April 04, 2013




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