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About that ammo hording
By A. M. Johnson


April 04, 2013
Thursday PM


Relating to retired U.S. Custom - Immigration officer, Mike Harpold's response (March 30) to my inquiry of Representative Young on the hording of ammo by various Federal agencies. Thank you Mike for your service.

It is understood better now to know the 12-15 million illegal immigrants coming across during your service was due to the lack of numbers of border patrol officers. (Insert sarcastic humor here) As yes, I was a taxpayer then as now, I was then concerned about all the "Wetbacks" (Remember back then Mike? That what the nomenclature in common use)coming into the country. Now I hear they are called "Undocumented Democrats". What ever.

Retired Officer Harpold laid out a detailed scope of the requirements of the U.S.Custom/Border patrol (CBP) officers related to the use of ammo purchases by the agency. Perhaps Retired officer Harpold will digest the following information in the paragraph below and then the full article following,and again provide us with a more enlightened rebuttal.

The issue never has been about the need for officers to be trained or provide adequate ammo. The inquiry is to the vastly large apparent excess amounts of ammo purchased for the total number of Federal agencies purchases. This in light of the fears expressed by the general population (Myself included) demonstrated in personal purchases of ammo to the extend of empty shelves, for a heighten alarm over Federal governmental intrusion into or threat of real or perceived future intrusion on Constitutional rights that are being ripped to shreds by this socialist administration reeking of characters in powerful positions of very devious reputation, none of whom reflect honor or belief in the American way as the Constitution lays out.

That is the quest of the original inquiry to Representative Young, unfortunately, Retired officer Harpold's response is more a red herring in defense of the purchases than a qualified response of the need.

Coffee on me anytime Mike.


Ketchikan, AK


"CBP's is almost as bad. This agency has about 129.7 million rounds for this fiscal year (94.4 million on-hand as of November plus an estimated purchase of over 35.3 million rounds this fiscal year). According to the U.S. Department of Justice, CBP agency has about 37,000 armed employees. That equates into approximately 3,500 rounds per firearm-carrying CBP officer, well in excess of the 1,000 rounds necessary for annual training." Read more


About: "Crusty old five and dime'er, calls a spade a spade."

Received April 03, 2013 - Published April 04, 2013

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