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An American First
By Alan R. McGillvray


April 04, 2013
Thursday PM

I say this because of Obama's race war, that he is doing everything he can to separate us into various ethnic groups. e.g. Black Americans, Native Americans, White Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans... He is trying to promulgate this war by ethnicizing everyone in the country by calling out their ethnicity before calling them AMERICANS.

We do not need this. We should rather realize we are AMERICANS first and foremost. Not some ethnicity someone else wants to promulgate on to us.

Agree or disagree, if you were born here, or became a naturalized citizen, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. As such, be proud that you are an AMERICAN. Not some ethnic first, you're an AMERICAN first.

Yours, in AMERICA, the land we all Loved enough to become an AMERICAN.

Alan Rudolf McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A long-time resident of Alaska, and Ketchikan."

Received April 04, 2013 - Published April 04, 2013

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