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Annual Sourdough Stampede Results


April 08, 2013
Monday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Seventy four runners and walkers raced the clock and the weather at Saturday’s Remax Sourdough Stampede in Ketchikan.  This annual foot race features a one mile and 5K (3.1 mile) events. 

Alex Nelson was the top male runner in the one mile with a time of 6:24. Morgan Elerding was the top female runner in the one mile. Ten-year old Elerding crushing her last year's time with a 7:15 effort.  Joel Jackson led the pack in the 5K race with a 21:13.  First place female was Hilary Robbins at 22:10. 

jpg Annual Sourdough Stampede Results

Some of Saturday's 74 Sourdough Stampede participants...
Photo courtesy Bill Elberson

The Stampede kicks off the Ketchikan Running Club's season and race director, Fred Jorgensen said; “We had many new talented runners and walkers in this first race.  It looks like we are in for a strong running year in Ketchikan.“ 

Sourdough Stampede Results 04/06/2013

One Mile

Alex Nelson 6:24,  Matthew Davis 6:51.  Richie Kameroff 6:53,  Morgan Elerding 7:14*, Rocky Elerding 7:15,  Sam Jackson 7:15,  Conor Pearson 8:07,  Owen Hillberry 8:37, Casey Styles 8:42,  Met Parig 9:00,  Oscar Pickrell 9:03,  Aliyah Glover 9:05,  Ella Hillberry 9:06,  Cayden Harney  9:15,  Ava Lee Elerding 9:40,  Jack Zink 9:49,  Ryan Elerding 10:26,  Dana Elerding 10:26,  Caity Pearson 10:34,  Jack Styles 10:46,  Karen Styles 11:02,  Braidyn Young 13:18,  Madeline Hall 13:18,  Ezrah Harney 13:22,  Noah Robbins 13:22,  Maxton Glover 14:26,  James Hall 14:38,  Adeilyn Reeve 14:59,  Devyn Young 15:44,  Chandler Reeve 15:52.

5 K

Joel Jackson 21:13,  Carlos Weimer 21:45  Geoffrey Glover 21:48,  Hilary Robbins 22:10*.  Eric Collins 22:30,  Leo Jackson 22:39,  John Smith 23:18,  Tom Fowler 23:27,  Leif Stephens 23:58,  Matthew Davis 24:06,  Jill Oliveira 24:46,  Erin Reeve 25:02,  John Peckham 26:18,  Charlie Young 26:48,  Sarah Harney 26:55,  Rebecca Hall 27:16, Rocky Elerding 27:20,  Mike Elerding 27:20, John Tully 28:24, Alex Nelson 29:20,  Yvonne Blankenship 29:22,  Lisa Delaet 29:23,  Nichole Leos 29:24,  Richie Kameroff 29:36, Kendra Queen 30:30,   Kim Morton 32:05,  Jan Rafter 32:07,  Kate Maffei 33:33,  Sarah Glasser 34:43,  Lyrissa Hammer 35:10,  Karen Styles 36:08,  Grant Collins 38:02,  Dave Sweetman 40:01,  Britt Larna 42:15,  Dawn Allen-Herron 44:08,  Cecilie Cody 46:10,  Toni Bass 47:09  Michal Beth Elerding 47:09, Guy Mickel 54:01, Doug Edwards 54:01, Helen Mickel 55:00,  Deborah Edwards 55:00,  Bev Crum  59:43

First place male & female*


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Ketchikan Running Club

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