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Re: Boat Trailers
By Ken Lewis


April 24, 2012

Supporting the local economy can be very frustrating, especially if you are a misunderstood parking space hog. Ode to the curbside sailors.

Ok, boat trailers get in the way. Let's walk it backwards shall we?

A citizen wants to catch a fish and they live in Alaska. They buy a boat, whoopsy daisy, it must be registered, taxed and approved as sea worthy. Oh crud, I need a trailer to haul it, Whoopsy daisy, it must be registered, licensed and taxed as road safe and road legal. Then after supporting local commerce, new outboards, pumps, simple green, rubbing alcohol, etc. etc. You finally find yourself launching it at a boat ramp, whoopsy daisy, launching fee? Good-Times. You forgot to put the plug in your boat and your half drunk uncle stands there with the bow-line in their hand as she is half sunk. And we won't even discuss the government agent that comes up to find out how many fish you caught, while your unopened pack of herring is floating in your bilge.

The last thing that an Alaskan is concerned about is where they legally parked their legal trailer legally.

Here is an idea, wave all the legal mumbo jumbo, fees, taxes etc. and then have a legitimate legal argument where a boat trailer is parked.

Please be kind to weekend sailors.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Expert at having entire bumper falling off while launching a ship"

Received April 12, 2012 - Published April 24, 2012

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