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Good-bye Credit Card
By A.M. Johnson


April 24, 2012


The following letter was sent to the mangement of Alaska Airlines regarding their credit card account managed by Bank of America.

I would ask that supporters of our Second Amendment be made aware of the issue. There are equal alternatives to holding an Alaska Air credit card.


Ketchikan, Alaska

Alaska Airlines
P.O.Box 68900
Seattle, WA. 98168


Subject: Leaving Alaska Air Credit Card account.

Mangement of Alaska Airlines

Please be advised that as soon as I can, I will be obtaining a Wells Fargo credit card. Two things prompt this action. The first is the artcle below. As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment of our Great Constitution, I must protest the action of Bank of America in its effort to effect gun manufacturing by denying business association with a 12 year customer who manufactures arms.

The second reason and was not as important till the first issue took it over the line, is Wells Fargo has no annual card fee and they give air miles equal to Alaska Air.

Good-bye Alaska Air Bank of America credit card-

A.M.Johnson -Ketchikan, Alaska

About: "Staunch supporter of our Second Amendment within our Great Constitution."

Received April 20, 2012 - Published April 24, 2012



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