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Stop signs and crosswalks
By Alan R. McGillvray


April 24, 2012

Well if there is one thing (or too many) that any city in the WORLD has it's STOP SIGNS.

I'll admit a lot of them are needed, but three at an intersection with good sight lines? In fact most intersections in Ketchikan have good sight lines, so what's up with all the extras? It's almost like, "Oh here's a good spot for a stop sign, let's put one here." Or, perhaps Ketchikan got a good deal from a prison where they are made, and bought lots of them, and now needs the space they use, for storage, and are put the signs to use -- perhaps for the YEILD signs that should have been in place. Or the place is being used to store the crosswalk paint instead of too many stop signs.

Speaking of crosswalk paint, how about putting a crosswalk at the corner of Mission and Stedman, right on the corner, where TOURISTS want to cross, instead of a block (distance) away. There are good sight lines in both directions, drivers can see pedestrians from a goodly distance and pedestrians (those pesky...) can also see in both directions to avoid any cars that may be on the street.

This crosswalk would be as close to the center of the turn, from the Federal building to the "tail" of Whale Park, and provide a measure of protection to users of said crosswalk -- the tourist stand in the middle of the street there anyway. Let's try and provide them, a modicum of protection.

Yours, for safer streets,

Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long-time Alaska and Ketchikan resident"

Received April 13, 2012 - Published April 24, 2012



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